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Happy Clock Day Folks. Happy Clock Day Folks.

Rated 5 / 5 stars


It is well ace. I liked the part where it had nothing to do with Clock Day.

Happy cock day. <3

TheD-LucksEdition responds:


[L*] Death Of KK 2 [L*] Death Of KK 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fuck the KK.

The L* are the shit.

Lucky Star is epic.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

You went too far this time, guys.

On the whole I like all of your flash.

Disrespecting Haruhi is something which doesn't fly past me very easily. Sorry, but this time, no. Maybe without the abyssmal music it could have scraped a review score of one, but this time it just doesn't cut it.

s0da responds:

: (

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Meat Boy Meat Boy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Cute interpretation of the typical platformer.

I was going to review this a lot earlier; yet I decided I'd leave it until I actually managed to complete the game, since, as I hoped, it had a very sufficient number of levels, and the difficulty throughout was more than satisfactory. If a game can frustrate me yet urge me to continue playing, then it's definitely a good game. Thus, this is one of the best Flash games I have played on Newgrounds.

Firstly, I loved the theme throughout this game. A lot of platformers I've played in the past have been basic, stick-figure, one-dimensional designs which only have the gameplay to make up for them. This game had nice graphics, the characters were original and playable, and the scenery was nice to look at while playing (despite often getting in the way). The storyline may not have been exactly original from the beginning, but the epic twist at the end of the Hell chapter had me surprised. The humour was beautiful too; the boss guy taking a shit was hilarious.

Although it took a while to master, I did find the movement very effective on the overall difficulty of the game. It was quite difficult to jump in the exact place you were aiming to, and as such, it took a while to get used to the controlling. It was nice to see, as it had one of the biggest impacts on the overall difficulty of the game.

One thing I was quite disappointed with was the difficulty curve - or lack of. Although there were many levels which had me frustrated and took me many attempts before finally completing, they weren't placed in any particular pattern. It often seemed like I would spend ages on one level, then spend about two minutes completing the next five. This happened every once in a while, where I feel it might have been better if the difficulty gradually sloped upwards. Regardless, the difficulty level was more above satisfactory. Many games on Newgrounds these days are far too easy, so I was glad for the challenge.

I also noticed there were a lot of worn-out, typical video-game cliches in the game, such as the 'ridiculously easy last level.' At least, that only applies to the Hell chapter, which I suppose you'd consider the last level in the main game. The Hell chapter took me quite a while to get through, and even though I had gotten quite frustrated at times, I was hoping for a near-impossible final challenge. Fortunately, the bonus chapter sufficed for that.

One thing I thought was quite lame, yet had no impact on my playing of the game, was the ability to skip levels, even if there were a few restrictions on that. I chose not to skip any levels to my advantage, so it doesn't have any effect on my enjoyment on the game, but still, I'm sure a lot of people would use this as a way of saying the game's easy.

The weak points aside, this game was brilliant; one of the best I have played in a long time on Newgrounds. A sequel, or as previously suggested, a fan-made level pack, or anything which gets me new levels designed by other people would be swell. After completing all of the levels in the main game (although, I didn't unlock all of the secrets. I'm still working on that as of now), I'm not done with this yet. I'd very much like to see more with this concept.

Other things to note which I enjoyed, such as the music, character designs, 'enemy' obstacles, they all help this game gain a 10 for me. I will undoubtedly play this game through its main levels again sometime, but I would still like to see a sequel, or any way to whore out more levels, as there can never be too many levels in a game like this. It still took a few hours of playing to complete, though, which is quite amazing for a Flash game. Most Flash games lose my interest after about half an hour at the most, so it goes to show how well this game had me hooked.

That being said, there was a sufficient number of levels, and the difficulty throughout them, although irregularly placed, was what made this game the most fun of all factors. I should also try playing this game with a 360 pad sometime, as the movement took a while to master with a keyboard.

I strongly hope you make more.

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- Darkness - - Darkness -

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This game is better than cabbage

This game is better than cabbage

Jetbot Jetbot

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I played this game before everyone else HAR HAR HAR. But seriously, this is a great, original game. The difficulty throughout the levels went up and down a lot, but generally the level of difficulty overall was good, so I didn't finish it too quickly but I didn't have to spend hours on one particular level.

The idea itself is unique, so I had fun playing a new, original game. The theme for the game, being a flying robot-thing was also pretty great. The game was obviously scripted well as there were no horrible glitches or anything.

The graphics and animation is also great, so good job finding a great artist for this one, Dan. The stars I felt were something that could have been replaced - you use stars in most of your games and generally stars don't mean much to anything. But then again, I probably can't think of anything you could replace them with.

The levels were mostly fun, a few really got on my tits at times but I did manage to complete it, which means the levels overall must have been great, and they were. The few 'fun' levels which lacked difficulty were also cool, maybe there could have been a few more like that, but that might make the game too easy. Thirty levels though, is a good amount to have.

Although I know you were strapped for level ideas, so it would be quite a feat, I would like a sequel to this, or maybe something similar so you don't have to concern yourself with the level designs so much. But yes, a sequel to this game would be great. This is probably the best of your games so far.

Great job with this. I hope this gets frontpage. ALSO GUYS I SWEAR PSYCHO DIDN'T PAY ME TO REVIEW THIS, KTHX.

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Psycho responds:

Yeah, I was thinking of making a sequel. Level design would be difficult, though. Might make it sidescrolling and give him a gun or something.

Thanks for the review, wuz awesome.

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bubble bobble is pretty cool bubble bobble is pretty cool

Rated 5 / 5 stars

fucking brilliant

lol oranges

Paradox-Guardian responds:

lol oranges

G zus - Bubble Bobble mix G zus - Bubble Bobble mix

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this song contains citrus

Oh god now I'm thinking of dancing oranges. This song tends to do that to me these days. Regardless, it was a fucking epic song and this is a fucking epic remix. I play Bubble Bobble just to hear this music, I really do. Nice instruments, nice variation, this song is certainly worthy of omgtsn.

Hank's Return Hank's Return

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sounds so fitting for Madness.

I've never been a massive fan of the Madness series (at least, I'm not a raging homosexual who probably masturbates to it), but I've paid enough attention to the series thus far to know what music goes well with it, at least. And I can honestly say, had there been no references to the Madness series in the title or description, I still would have thought "wow, this would go great in a Madness episode."

It's an excellent song, and I'd strongly urge Krinkels to use it at some point in the series. I don't know how far he plans on going with the series but there has to be room in there somewhere for this. This song surpasses all of the other Madness-like songs in the series.

The theme behind the song was original yet strongly like other Madness songs, and the song progressed so well over time. The instruments were all so well introduced, and I was enjoying it more and more as it progressed. So great work on that, it'd fit perfectly for just about anything in that respect.

Though I haven't paid much attention to much of your other work, I surely will now. Definitely going in my favourites. On an unrelated note, this is the longest audio review I've ever left; holy shit.

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RealFaction responds:

Haha wow...I feel special. Thanks man means alot, and I wish he would use it but lol doubt he will nothing but rumors. I think MC 9 might be the last one but I only assume, if not maybe 10 then. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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Morshu the Shop Keep Morshu the Shop Keep

Rated 5 / 5 stars



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MorshuTheShopKeep responds: